One Aspect of Graphic Design – T-Shirt Design

The logo that I used under my previous name was relegated to the shelf once I changed the name of my business, but I was very unhappy about that! Moose triplets are extremely rare and very few pictures of them ever pop up online. My design features three moose calves following a cow moose. I like its simplicity and the rare occurrence of moose triplets that it celebrates. Because one of my next steps in entering the online marketplace is opening an Etsy store, look for this design and more to come!Image


Holland Design Business Card Design

Since recently changing the name of my freelance business I have been tasked with creating a new business card for myself. While not being sure that I wanted to name my business Holland Design (it seemed bland and dull at first, very unexciting!) I came to realize that I could appreciate not being tied to any one image, animal, color, shape, etc. The Holland Design logo and any related graphics will only ever be tied to whatever I choose to tie them to, and I am in love with that idea.

Holland Design copy

I did design a business card on-the-fly to reassure myself of these facts. This card is merely a rough draft and doesn’t include everything I think should be on a business card, but I like its simplicity, the color choices, and the font used (Candara, one of my favorites).

Stay tuned for the final draft!