Derby With A Heart Of Cold!

I was just informed that I won the Fairbanks Roller Girls T-Shirt Design Contest! This design was really a labor of love – my love for my iPad! I have never been to a roller derby but was impressed with what I saw while doing research for this project. I am excited about the thought of receiving tickets as the prize. It looks like the roller derby and I have a date!

Derby With A Heart Of Cold

Derby With A Heart Of Cold

This project proved difficult from the beginning but I trudged through it knowing that I had a pretty good and creative idea. My original idea was a roller derby girl riding a bucking polar bear, but I changed my idea to a bucking moose since a moose is more Interior Alaska. I went back to the polar bear when I decided the moose would be too dark for the design (and what would I do with the antlers?! Hide the girl behind them???)

I soon realized I wasn’t going to be able to do the design on the computer so I dug out the iPad and stylus and went to t-o-w-n! I spent quite a bit of time on it getting the girl’s proportions just right, making the bear look as realistic as possible while keeping with the graphic illustration style, and adding small details like tattoos and “rink rash.” Overall I am satisfied with the design and learned a lot in the process of doing it.

This project as well as others I have done recently make me feel like graphic design is a great job for me. I really hate change in my life and I pretty much like things to stay the same. I like predictability. But when it comes to creative outlets I can never stick with just one thing. When I am not designing on the computer I am throwing together a macrame necklace, doodling on envelopes, surfing Pinterest for DIY crafts, or reworking my childrens’ wardrobe with my sewing machine. Possibilities for the creative mind are ENDLESS!!

No graphic design project is exactly the same, and that is what I like about it. There are some amazing fonts out there but I am always finding new ones to use. Inspiration is all around me, from Flickr and Photobucket to my own camera and photo albums. I am always on the lookout for how people use fonts and colors, for typos in menus and quirks in handwriting. One day I can be working on a t-shirt design with flames when the next day it’s a sign for a local business. I will never get bored. I’m sure of it!