Inspiration – CLOUDS!

There is just something about clouds that makes me feel like I am both living on a beautifully created planet as well as a mere tiny grain of sand in an ocean of creation. 2013-11-21 13.52.02I always find myself looking to the sky, wondering if I am going to see another image that takes my breath away. At times in my hectic life I live for those moments. At others they are simply a bonus to an otherwise blissful day. But they never cease to amaze me and make me thankful for being alive.

2013-10-16 09.02.04Perhaps that is why in the last few years I have been snapping photos of the sky with whatever camera I happen to have on hand. There is nothing as humbling as looking up at the sky and seeing something greater than you, more beautiful than you, and yet deriving such comfort and joy from the sight of it. I will never tire of looking up (and for your information yes, I am just as fascinated with the NIGHT sky, I just 1) have a phone that is incapable of taking night sky images, and 2) don’t have the resources or time to sit outside and enjoy long exposure times!)

I often hear my husband exclaim, “Are you taking pictures of the sky again?” Perhaps when I am supposed to be getting the kids out of or into the car, or walking into an appointment or the grocery store… 2013-10-23 09.48.07

And yes, I will stop the car on the way to wherever it is I have to be five minutes ago to snap a picture of a particularly gorgeous sunset or sunrise, or some beautifully sculpted clouds. The bumpersticker given to me recently by my dad is apt – “I break for interesting cloud formations.”



Yes. Yes I do.2013-11-06 09.46.06


Business Card Design – Final Draft

It was brought to my attention that I never published the final draft of my business card. It took me quite some time to settle on a design that I liked, both for the front of the card and for the back since I would be printing them on my own computer and didn’t want anything too complicated. I settled on black and white because I adore the simplicity of it.

Tree Logo FrontThis design was created in Photoshop and transferred to my iPad. Yes, I could have used Illustrator to do all the “branches” and extras in the design, but I often find drawing by hand to be more rewarding than spending a couple hours trying to get Illustrator to mimic the ideas that form in my mind. So using a stylus and my iPad I spent just a few minutes adding the little touches that make this design unique, and was very happy with the results!

The back of the card holds my contact info, name and title, and smaller version of my logo with a shadow underneath. This might change in the future but until then I would much rather spend my time working on other people’s projects than nitpicking my own business card.

Tree Logo Back 6-2I also use thick, white business card stock and am very happy with the way they turn out! I can honestly say I am proud to hand these to people when they inquire about what I do for a living.