What ART 105 Has Taught Me (CAUTION: Drawing of a nude…)

Tonight is my last class for Art 105, the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Beginning Drawing class. Although I am certainly sad to see it go I am so happy to have found that I am a better artist for taking the class.

2013-12-12 14.10.12

Much of that success I have to credit to the professor, Jamie Smith. He is a fantastic professor and introduced me to techniques that I might have balked at before. But his willingness to demonstrate every technique really made me a believer! By using his techniques I found that I really can draw PEOPLE! This has eluded me in the past. Faces are still a challenge, but I am getting better.

2013-12-12 14.04.43I also think that I was successful in this class simply because talents that had lain long dormant in my mind were brought to the surface. My high school art teacher, Lillie Stoutenberg, was also an amazing teacher. She packed so much learning into my four short years (sometimes with multiple classes per semester in her classroom!) that it is little wonder to me how much I was able to dig up and dust off during my time in ART 105.

What amazes me most about my experiences in this class is that of course, when I put my mind to something I can be successful. There have been so many instances in my life where I have given up because things were too hard, too boring, or I was too busy with other things. If I had given up when things got tough I never would have known I could turn scribbles into a work of art (which Professor Smith calls “scumbling”).

2013-12-12 14.10.50There were plenty of assignments that really stumped me. The vignette assignment (above) was very hard for me composition-wise. I had no idea what to draw because we were supposed to use sketches from our sketchbooks and up until that point my sketchbook was full of baby blocks, leaves and paper folds. We also had to put in some of our own writing, and the only thing I had was a poem I had written for my husband a couple years ago. I put all of this together and came up with the vignette drawing picture above, and even impressed myself with the humber of different drawing techniques I was able to utilize to make the whole drawing really come together–stippling, cross hatching, scumbling, hatching, and lettering.

Needless to say, this assignment more than any other showed me if I really want to accomplish something, my mind is fully capable.

It also taught me I work well under pressure… I really procrastinated with that project!

Since I have recently changed my major to Art I have also decided to pursue the Bachelor’s of Fine Art rather than the Bachelor’s of Art (I think I wrote those correctly–all I know is I want to do more drawing!) That way I can have a concentration in drawing. Somehow I will incorporate more computer graphics courses. I have heard a rumor that UAF is considering adding more of those, but don’t quote me on it!

I’m excited, can you tell?

ART 105 will be kept in my pocket for when I am needing some extra help with drawing in graphic design. The possibilities are swirling around in my mind like a cauldron of ideas! Although much of the graphic design work I do is 100% computer, I think ART 105 has broadened my talents to include a more homey, hand-drawn look for certain designs. Have I mentioned that I’m excited?!

I can’t wait to see what art classes I will be taking next!


2 thoughts on “What ART 105 Has Taught Me (CAUTION: Drawing of a nude…)

  1. Congratulations on the completion of this class. I feel like saying that you overcame a very difficult and mentally challenging course, but then, I’ve listened to your excitement throughout this semester, so I’d be lying… My hope for you is that everything you tackle in life is as rewarding as this has been!

    • Thank you! You are right, it was incredibly exciting to be back in an educational art setting, rather than my hijacked dining room table that is already covered in crayon drawings and food scraps! Although I am glad it is over I cannot wait for my next opportunity to flex the creative side of my mind and produce more works of the imagination!

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