Color Schemes From Photographs

These color scheme graphics that have been popping up on the internet for the last few years, and in home improvement and paint stores for decades, have always interested me. In fact, I have been known to swipe the small paint color cards from various stores when I come upon a great color scheme for a graphic design, scrapbooking, or crochet project! It’s easier now that I have a cell phone that takes decent pictures and the wonderful Adobe Photoshop CS6 at my fingerprints, but I still wander to the paint department and eye the interior decorating cards and the wonderful array of “Whites.”

I have wanted to take a stab at creating my own graphics for a while so tonight I chose five pictures from my computer and utilized the eye dropper tool to select five colors for each photograph. It was fun, interesting in that I never really knew what color the computer would conjure with each “click,” and a good way to exercise that small part of my mind that is obsessed with color. Here are my results!

The first one brings to my mind fairies and the wonderful unknown worlds that await us when we take a simple walk in the woods at sunset. This mushroom was found on a nature walk with my husband and kids behind North Pole Elementary in North Pole, Alaska. I believe I held my camera to my chest with the power button in the “Off” position because I was desperately trying to preserve what little battery power I had left! There were so many wonderful scenes to capture with the lens, needless to say I had to be very choosy that day.

Color Scheme 3

This one is a snap I took with my cell phone of a sunrise sometime around mid-December on Lakloey Hill in North Pole. I like the lens flare that my camera so wonderfully inserted into the picture for me! I can’t say what temperature it was at the time but I know it was COOOOOLD!

Color Scheme 5

This is a photograph taken out of my kitchen window, which faces away from the sun. I was struck one day by the beautiful, white winter wonderland outside and couldn’t help but grab my camera. All that’s missing is a mama moose and calf to complete the picture perfect scene. I don’t even mind the white house next door, which seems to fit right in.

Color Scheme 4

I occasionally take pictures from an odd point of view, and at the time of this photograph, when the sun was just touching the very tops of the trees and the sky was blue and crystal clear, it seemed the perfect opportunity to capture the glory of the planet we are blessed to live on. That I can go for a walk with my family and glance up and be caught up in the beauty of a simple sunset never ceases to amaze me.

Color Scheme 2

Last but not least, a landscape photograph I took while sitting in the passenger seat of the truck on our trip back from Homer, Alaska. If you look closely you may be able to see the motion blur in the greenery at the bottom of the image! As I said in a previous post, I am fairly obsessed with the sky. And on this particular stretch of highway how could I NOT take these pictures? Indeed, I have probably about 80 that I took in the span of just 5 or 10 minutes. Gotta love digital cameras!

Color Scheme 1

I hope you have enjoyed this small display of my technological doodling. This was a very fun exercise and I recommend it to anyone as entranced with the colors available to us on our wonderful computers as I am. The eye dropper tool is our friend!

If you have done this and would like to share, feel free to add a link in the comments, or to just share your experiences with this exercise. Thank you for reading!


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