Henna-Inspired Painted Rocks, CONTINUED!

I am happy to announce that my art stones have taken off at my husband’s store. I am very proud of them and so ecstatic that my art is being appreciated. They are going home with customers all over the world and I couldn’t be happier to be sharing my talents with the wonderful people who come in and admire them.

These are several new ones that I put in the shop just today. While drawing on these rocks I feel calm and focused. I enjoy the attention to detail that is required for the intricate designs, and find myself thinking of new designs as I lay in bed at night. I think that may mean I have a problem! But really, is there anything better than being addicted to your craft?






I also have two more rocks that need a final top coat to protect the design and they will be headed to the shop as well. I am very excited about these two new designs! I will post photos as soon as they’re finished.


2015 Midnight Sun Festival Logo Contest

Because I have immersed myself in art for the last few weeks I have realized that I have a lot of content that I could use for my blog. And as I was looking through my photos yesterday to add to my new WordPress app media I found my design entry from this year’s Midnight Sun Festival n Fairbanks, Alaska and thought it would be a good way to start.


This entry, as they all usually are, was a labor of love. There was a lot of hand drawing involved, a lot of seeking opinions on colors and design parts, and with a dash of soul searching thrown in. I came up with a monochromatic design that I fell in love with. Although I am disappointed that it wasn’t chosen as the winner, for one thing I think the winning design was amazing. I love the retro look of it, & I adored the color scheme. The entries this year were all top notch. And second, I am still very proud of my design and I keep it in my phone as proof, for me and for when I show others, that I love what I do and that art is current and rewarding, no matter the accolades received.