My name is Haley Holland, and I am a freelance artist. Although I enjoy many hobbies (sewing, painting, photography, crocheting, graphic design, scrapbooking, drawing, jewelry making, just to name a few) I feel like they all revolve around my desire to be creative and artistic. My strengths have always been in the arts, and I have incorporated this into my family life. As a mother of three young daughters I have ample opportunity to pursue creative endeavors through passing on my love of art to my girls. Perhaps one day Holland Design will be a family business?

Living in Alaska provides me with innumerable opportunities to be inspired by nature. With plentiful wildlife and plantlife to serve as backdrops for designs or photography scenes, this endless supply of beauty often shows up in my designs. Our summers are largely spent outdoors, where I am often found wielding a camera and a notebook, and using my children as subjects in photography projects.

I offer many services and products both within the creative community and outside its boundaries. I have had a wide range of clients needing and even wider array of products and services. Graphic design has sustained my creative needs for many years but the older I get, the more I feel it is necessary to cater to my other artistic abilities and interests. This at times makes me seem eccentric and scatter brained. What can I say? Yes, that is me!

At my husband’s knife store Alaska’s Far Northern Knives you can find my wire-wrapped Alaskan mammoth tusk jewelry, my crocheted baby hats, and my art rocks. Since I only recently began showing my pieces in his store, you can expect to see an expanded product list in the near future. I have been receiving requests for my art rocks to be turned into magnets, as well as smaller rocks to be turned into pendants. I need two more arms and 30-hour days!


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