Inspiration – CLOUDS!

There is just something about clouds that makes me feel like I am both living on a beautifully created planet as well as a mere tiny grain of sand in an ocean of creation. 2013-11-21 13.52.02I always find myself looking to the sky, wondering if I am going to see another image that takes my breath away. At times in my hectic life I live for those moments. At others they are simply a bonus to an otherwise blissful day. But they never cease to amaze me and make me thankful for being alive.

2013-10-16 09.02.04Perhaps that is why in the last few years I have been snapping photos of the sky with whatever camera I happen to have on hand. There is nothing as humbling as looking up at the sky and seeing something greater than you, more beautiful than you, and yet deriving such comfort and joy from the sight of it. I will never tire of looking up (and for your information yes, I am just as fascinated with the NIGHT sky, I just 1) have a phone that is incapable of taking night sky images, and 2) don’t have the resources or time to sit outside and enjoy long exposure times!)

I often hear my husband exclaim, “Are you taking pictures of the sky again?” Perhaps when I am supposed to be getting the kids out of or into the car, or walking into an appointment or the grocery store… 2013-10-23 09.48.07

And yes, I will stop the car on the way to wherever it is I have to be five minutes ago to snap a picture of a particularly gorgeous sunset or sunrise, or some beautifully sculpted clouds. The bumpersticker given to me recently by my dad is apt – “I break for interesting cloud formations.”



Yes. Yes I do.2013-11-06 09.46.06


Graduation Day – May 12, 2013

Today I graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Accounting. What, you might ask, is a graphic designer doing going to college for a degree in accounting? Well, several years ago I decided that, being good with numbers and having an excellent memory for them, an Accounting degree would be the perfect way for me to work from home and earn a good income. Little did I know that barely a year into the program I would find out that I really disliked accounting quite a bit.

Already being a year in, however, made it seem like to stop then would be a waste, since I had convinced myself that the degree was for the betterment of my family. After all, my kids would benefit, my husband would benefit, and I would benefit from all the time I would be able to spend at home while making money.

[Insert GROAN here]

During this time I was doing various design projects for friends and family, as well as playing a large part in the bookkeeping and design aspects of my husband’s new business. It was about this time that *gasp* I learned people actually called themselves Graphic Designers, and that they made money doing it! From home!! Successfully!!!

That is when I started the final two years it took to acquire the accounting degree while daydreaming about opening my own graphic design business and embarking on a career that I could honestly say I LOVED. Which is why this fall I will be changing my major to Art and will decide if I want to purse the BA or the BFA with a concentration in drawing. I have a lot to think about as far as my future is concerned.

Don’t worry, the accounting degree comes in handy every single day. As I said before, I do the bookkeeping for my husband’s business although we do outsource the end-of-the-year accounting to a good friend of ours. Maybe someday I will tackle that, but for now I am comfortable with using my limited accounting expertise to adequately perform all bookkeeping tasks for the business as well as to use those skills in the start-up of my own business. Wish me luck!